Diagnostic Impressions in Collierville, TN

Diagnostic Impressions in Collierville TNIf you’ve ever experienced online shopping then you know it can be a gamble. When you shop for clothes, hats or shoes, you have no way to gauge what they will actually look like on you or how they will fit your unique shape. Sometimes we experience the misfortune of having the item delivered only for it to fit or look completely different than you thought it would when you saw it online. If this has ever happened to you then you know the importance of “trying out” a product before chalking up the money. At The Max Dental Center, we believe that dental work should incorporate this same feature. That’s why we offer diagnostic impressions in Collierville, TN.

What are Diagnostic Impressions?

Diagnostic impressions are impressions that are made out of a soft material (usually wax) before a dental procedure is performed. These impressions are made of your entire mouth, even including teeth that may not be touched during the procedure. There can be several reasons for a diagnostic impression. If your dentist suspects that you may be suffering from a certain condition but is not sure, he can take an impression of your entire mouth. This impression allows him to inspect your mouth and diagnose the condition without you sitting uncomfortably in the dentist chair the entire time.

A diagnostic impression can also be used to show patients what their mouth will look like after a procedure. This allows the patient to see results before any dental work is actually performed. When used in this manner, the benefit of a diagnostic impression is two-fold:

  1. They allow the dentist to show you exactly what the procedure will do to your teeth or mouth. This is essentially how we allow you to “try on” the procedure before it is actually done. This increases our patient’s confidence and allows us to choose the best procedure for each individual’s unique case.
  2. They also allow the dentist to plan out the procedure beforehand. This planning and testing phase guarantees that the procedure will reshape your mouth to its ideal form. Diagnostic impressions pave the way for beautiful and natural looking smiles.

How are Diagnostic Impressions Made?

Diagnostic impressions are relatively easy and quick depending on the patient. Usually it takes about 2 to 3 minutes. First, the mouth is cleaned and rinsed out. Then an impression material is poured into a dental tray. These dental trays are similar in shape and appearance to a mouthguard. The tray is then inserted into the patient’s mouth. The patient bites into the impression material firmly in order to allow all the teeth to show in the impression. Once all teeth are shown, the tray is taken out of the mouth and left to harden. The patient’s mouth will be rinsed and cleaned out.

Once the impression is made, this allows the dentist to reshape the existing form of your teeth or mouth into what it will look like once the procedure is complete. While the impression itself takes only a few minutes, it can take longer to view the reshaped version. When the impression is made in order to diagnose a disease or dental condition, it will also take some time for the dentist to examine and diagnose your case. If the impression is sent to a laboratory or to another dental professional for a second opinion, it can take several weeks for a diagnosis.

For more information on diagnostic impressions in Collierville, TN visit The Max Dental Center or call us today at (901) 861-0031(901) 861-0031.

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