smile19Personal styles may vary from time to time and season to season, however, the standard for a perfect smile has never wavered or even changed, nor will it in the years to come. What standard exactly? Why that of having white teeth, of course. Dr, Max Breazeal and his team at The Max Dental Center Collierville, TN understands this perfectly. For this reason, The Max Dental Center offers teeth whitening services for patients who want to have a helping hand with regards to improving the shade of their smiles. Moreover, the procedure which The Max Dental Center offers is one which allows you to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

How Do Your Teeth Get Stained?

Your Diet

Believe it or not, the things which help sustain you could actually turn your smile to an ugly shade of yellow. Deeply pigmented food and drinks can seep into the enamel layer of your teeth and cause staining there. Coffee, wine and beets are just some of the edibles which can discolor your teeth. If you cannot afford to cut coffee from your morning regimen, swishing water around in your mouth after drinking it can help limit the extent of the discoloration.


Growing old does not only make your skin sag, your teeth can appear to yellow as you age. This is because the dentin layer turns yellow as you get older and, because the enamel layer is translucent, the dentin layer’s new shade will eventually show through. There’s nothing you can do to avert teeth staining due to aging, but teeth whitening can help to correct the problem.

Dental Fluorosis

Fluoride is an important mineral for preserving your pearly whites, but having too much fluoride when you’re young may actually prove to be your future smile’s undoing. The reason for this is because dental fluorosis, a condition wherein young children are overexposed to fluoride, can lead to white splotches as well as the yellowing of teeth.

What is the Principle Behind the Teeth Whitening Procedure?

The teeth whitening treatment involves the use of an abrasive chemical, such as hydrogen peroxide, which would peel off the stained outer layer of your teeth in order to expose a whiter layer that is found underneath. However, excessive interaction of the teeth whitening agent with your dental enamel can lead to significant damage, which necessitates the supervision of a trained professional to prevent this from happening.

What Kind of Teeth Whitening Procedure does The Max Dental Center Offer?

Dr. Breazeal and his team at Collierville, TN offers custom bleaching trays. The procedure involves making dental trays especially for your teeth which will help ensure that your gumline is protected from the whitening chemical, which is a known irritant. Once you get the dental trays, you will fill them with bleaching peroxide material which is provided by Dr. Breazeeal and proceed to wear the dental trays for a prescribed period of time everyday. In a nutshell, you get to whiten your teeth on your own terms, and in the safety and convenience of your own home.

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