Sedation Dentistry in Collierville TNCan one truly relax in the dentist’s chair? As a matter of fact, yes! At the Max Dental Center, sedation dentistry is available so patients with dental anxiety can get the dental treatments they need without fear. Leading Collierville dentist, Dr. Max Breazeal, knows and understands the need of certain patients for sedation dentistry. Trust us when we say that we know how you feel. We’ve been there too! Let us discuss what sedation dentistry is all about, why it is necessary, and how we use it to help you achieve optimum oral health.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is an area of dentistry that involves the use of medication to calm and relax patients during dental treatments. It allows the dentist to perform multiple procedures in a single office visit, which may be otherwise impossible with the presence of fear. Dentists who perform oral sedation are trained, experienced dental specialists. They follow safety protocols, to ensure the patient’s safety during a dental procedure.

Two of the most common types of sedation dentistry available are nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Popularly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a form of sedation wherein the patient experiences the feeling of euphoria. The gas is combined with oxygen, delivered to the patient in precise doses with the use of a face mask. Once inhaled, the results are almost instantaneous. The patient relaxes quickly in the dentist’s chair; thus allowing the dentist to perform the dental procedures necessary. Nitrous oxide sedation is the most basic kind of sedation dentistry. It is safe for both adults and children, and is the only form of sedation that allows patients to drive home by themselves after their dental procedure.

Another common type of sedation dentistry is oral sedation. It involves taking medication an hour before your scheduled treatment. Oral sedation is available in varying doses, depending on the needs of the patient. Oral sedation can make you feel sleepy, but you can remain conscious if you want to be. Patients who fall asleep can be easily awakened with a gentle shake. Before you know it, your dental procedures are done and you can go home with a healthy set of teeth.

Both nitrous oxide and oral sedation are available at the Max Dental Center.

Why is There a Need for Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is an essential aspect of dentistry because it helps people achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums, even with mental or physical limitations. Patients who have bad gag reflexes, who are unable to sit for long hours in the dentist’s chair, who have dental phobia, and who have a low tolerance for pain can get the dental treatments they need comfortably. The goal of sedation dentistry is to make professional oral care accessible to everyone.

Take Advantage of Sedation Dentistry for Optimum Oral Health

Periodic dental checkups are important for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. It may be hard to avoid the dentist your entire life, most especially if there’s severe pain, trauma, as well as many other dental problems. If you fear seeing the dentist, or are unable to, because of physical or mental limitations, sedation dentistry can help you. Visit us at the Max Dental Center to know more about sedation dentistry. You may also contact us here to schedule your appointment in just a few clicks.

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