Invisalign Collierville TNA malocclusion is also known as a bad bite. A bad bite can develop for a number of reasons. One reason is when you lose one of your milk teeth very early on. When this happens, the entire alignment of your permanent teeth would become off, and it’s possible that the tooth which is supposed to erupt after that lost milk tooth would exfoliate on a different location along your gums. Another reason that you could develop a bad bite is when you naturally have small jaws and your teeth would not fit properly. Some individuals also have larger or smaller teeth than normal, leading to either crowding or formation of gaps in between your teeth.

What can you do when you have bite problems?

When you have a malocclusion problem, your dentist can always suggest that you get orthodontic braces. Orthodontic braces come in different forms, and while the traditional metallic braces are the most common, clear aligners are also rather popular especially among the adult population. Clear Invisalign aligners are made with strong, clear plastic material which is then shaped into mouth trays which are fitted over your teeth. These mouth trays look like the ones you would use when you go through a dental whitening procedure only that clear aligners are more durable.

What is the most popular clear aligner brand out there?

When your dentist suggests that you go for invisible aligners, then Invisalign would probably be the first thing on your dentist’s mind. This brand of aligners were launched in 1999 through Align Technologies. Invisalign braces are made with a durable type of clear plastic which enables teeth to be moved into their proper places. This can be rather wonderful given the fact that Invisalign aligners have thickness of just less than 1 mm. At this thickness, your aligners would be less conspicuous.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works by moving your teeth into their rightful places. By doing this, you should expect that your aligner would fit improperly over your teeth when you first put them on. Due to the ill-fitting nature of your aligners, your teeth would slowly be pushed into their true positions, and by doing so, the aligner would become loose gradually. Because each pair of aligners would only move teeth for just a few millimeters, then you would have to go through a number of pairs of aligners in order to complete the entire treatment.

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