Root Canal Therapy in Collierville TNIf there’s one procedure in dentistry that somehow manages to get a bad reputation as the most painful dental procedure, it’s root canal therapy. Sometimes we even get patients who say they would prefer a tooth extraction to a root canal. Unfortunately, the myths and uncertainty surrounding this infamous procedure means that many patients do not truly understand how root canal therapy works. Therefore, we are going to explore three big questions of this procedure to show you how important and simple it really is!

  • Will root canal therapy hurt me?

This is probable the biggest myth. Root canal therapy works to clean out infection inside a tooth. The pain that is associated with the procedure is actually the infection itself, not the procedure. Usually, the nerve of the tooth is harmed which causes a sharp pain. However, during root canal therapy, the infection is cleaned out and the nerve is removed. This process actually makes the pain disappear; it is not painful itself though.

  • Will the root of my tooth be removed during root canal therapy?

No. The root is actually a part of the tooth and during this procedure the natural tooth stays completely intact. This procedure restores the tooth by cleaning out the infection inside the tooth. Therefore, the infected pulp and the nerve of a tooth are removed. This is done with tiny files that scrape out the decay through tiny holes in the crown of the tooth. So during root canal therapy the natural tooth is saved.

  • Is extraction a better procedure than root canal therapy?

A lot of times, patients think that they would prefer tooth extraction over root canal therapy. This means that instead of saving the natural tooth, patients would prefer the painful process of extraction. Whether they think they are saving themselves pain or time, they are usually wrong. Extracting a tooth is painful and involves placing a prosthetic, which can take weeks, or months depending on the type of tooth replacement you choose. Therefore, we always suggest root canal therapy over tooth extraction. When you are suffering from an infected tooth, you may see swelling in the area, experience pain, fever, sensitivity to hot or cold, a bitter taste and other symptoms. If left untreated, the bacteria can spread to other areas. If you think you might have an infected tooth, visit us at The Max Dental Center. We are experienced in saving teeth with our root canal therapy in Collierville, TN. Visit us or call us today to schedule your appointment at (901) 861-0031.

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