dental filling Collierville TNThe drill and fill procedure is the standard treatment for cavities. But if you think that the only thinking on your part is if you want to push through with your procedure or not, then you’re in for more choosing. The dental filling material is an important part of the drill and fill procedure. This material is what will go into the cavity. However, each material is distinct and are called for in different occasions.

What are the different types of dental fillings?


Made of metal, hence is colored silver, amalgam dental fillings is made by combining various metals including mercury, silver, and tin copper. The advantage of using amalgam is that it is extensively durable and strong. In fact, amalgams are noted to last for up to 15 to 20 years. The problem is that amalgam fillings are silver in color and are heavily noticeable against the color of your teeth. For this reason, amalgams are not used in teeth which show along the smile line. Rather, amalgam is used to fill cavities found in molars.

One very highly debated issue about amalgams is that of the threat of poisoning due to the inclusion of mercury. However, scientists argue that the reason for why amalgam isn’t highly toxic is because of the fact that when mercury is mixed with other metals, it’s toxicity becomes insignificant.

Composite Resin

If it’s any of the front teeth which harbors the cavity, then your best choice is composite resin. This material is teeth-colored so it is less conspicuous than the amalgam filling. Composite fillings are made from the combination of silica, glass quartz and ceramic materials. Your dentist can also prepare the composite resin so that it matches the distinct whiteness of your teeth. In order to strengthen the composite resin material, your dentist will have to apply a curing light on it to facilitate the hardening of the resin material. Durability-wise, amalgams still have the advantage over composite resin.

Glass Ionomer

Used usually on milk teeth, this dental filling releases fluoride which helps the receiver to ward off tooth decay. However, glass ionomer fillings are not as strong as any of the two previously mentioned, hence the reason for why they are used on children rather than on adults. An advantage of using glass ionomer filling is that it does not require that much preparation on the part of the dentist.

Dental Filling Collierville TN

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