Collierville Cosmetic DentistThe previous studies have showed that women are more likely to visit their dentists compared to men. In fact, men would often be afflicted with worse forms of dental conditions compared to women because they wait until the signs and symptoms have become too severe before they go to the dentist. But the Academy of General Dentistry is seeing a new trend. Dentists are now noting that more and more men are opting to visit their dentist more frequently than what was recorded in the past. And they’re not there in order to have potential cavities checked out, but rather, they are going in to take part of dental cosmetic procedures.

Men are visiting their dentists in order to have their teeth whitened, as well as cosmetically reconstructed. It’s all about having a more beautiful smile. And they are actually on to something. According to a company study, people who want to land a better paying job are usually those who have had their teeth whitened or their smiles generally improved. And even the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry supports this claim. According to their very own study, people with beautiful smiles are seen as more cheerful, intelligent and have greater rates of success. And in the midst of a recession, you cannot afford to let your smile get you and your job prospects down.

If you are thinking about giving your smile a much needed boost, here are some of the procedures that you can opt for:

Teeth Whitening. This procedure involves giving stained and yellowish smile a new shine. While you can opt for at-home whitening kits, a better and faster way to make your smile brighter is to opt for chairside or in-office whitening. Another incentive for having your dentist whiten your smile is that you do not have to worry about overdoing things. This is because a trained individual is less likely to expose your teeth to hydrogen peroxide for a longer periods of time, and hence, the procedure is safer.

Dental Veneers. If you have a dental stain which has penetrated all the way to the dentin layer or you have visibly worn out teeth, then dental veneers could give you a brand new smile so to speak. Dental veneers, specifically the porcelain veneers, have long lifespans and they are wonderful investments, both when it comes to landing jobs and having dental longevity.

Composite Bonding. If you only have minor dental worries or if your pocket is keeping you from splurging at the dentist, then composite bonding is your best bet. Involving the sculpting of composite resin, this procedure can be done with just one visit to the dentist.

Collierville Cosmetic Dentist

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