Collierville DentistKids are extremely susceptible to dental disorders. While it’s understandable that they do not yet know much about the specifics of dental health and why they should take particular steps to take care of their pearly whites, studies suggest that children best develop habits when they are introduced to them at the earliest time possible. Below are some of the dental conditions which children are often prone to and how to correct them:

Thumb Sucking

Babies, especially those who are in the process of teething, thumb suck in order to relieve any discomfort or pain they might feel because of the “gumminess” of their feeling. However, when the milk teeth have all erupted and the permanent teeth are showing signs of exfoliating next, thumb sucking can lead to problems with the bite or malocclusions.

If you cannot wait for your child to stop thumb sucking on his or her own, you can ask your dentist, Dr. Max Breazeal, for thumb stoppers or for substances which can be dabbed on the finger in order to making the thumb sucking experience unpleasant. If the child is already old enough to understand, have a talk with your kid and explain why it’s important that he or she stops. And then remind your kid whenever you catch him or her thumb sucking. Chances are that your child is doing it without even knowing that he or she is doing so.

Tooth Decay

Another childhood dental problem, which parents unknowingly contribute to, is tooth decay. The reason for why parents are implicated is because they are usually the ones who dole out sugary drinks to their kids without reminding them to brush their teeth. For instance, milk is a drink which contains sugar, hence, must promptly be removed by brushing. However, because parents don’t think that milk is harmful to their kids in general, they proceed to allowing their kids to sleep with a bottle of milk.

Make sure that you feed your child prior to sending him or her to bed. And always ask your child to brush right after feeding. If your child has become accustomed to going to bed while sipping on something, then give him or her a bottle of water instead. And limit the sugary drinks which your child can sip on throughout the day. For instance, juices should be avoided or at least given only during snack times. This does not only prevent the development of tooth decay but also trains your child’s palate to not be addicted to too much sugar.

Dr. Max Breazeal can help you with all your children’s dentistry in Collierville TN.

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