Collierville dental servicesToothbrushing is something which humans have felt to be something very important in the past and it’s definitely something which is still important at the present. Toothbrushing is so important that it’s usually the first thing that every toddler would learn how to do along the lines of dental hygiene. But just because you have been brushing your teeth ever since you can remember does not mean that you’re actually doing it right. So here are the things that you ought to know:

How should you choose your tools?

When it comes to choosing he perfect toothbrush, it’s necessary to pick out ones which contain soft bristles. However, this could be a problem since most of the toothbrushes available in the market are those which have medium or hard bristles. The problem with using hard-bristled toothbrushes is that they can irritate your gums and lead to gingivitis.

At the same time, the effectiveness of your toothbrushing is extremely reliant on the quality of the toothpaste being used alongside the toothbrush. In order for the toothbrush to really confer protective properties on teeth, it should contain high levels of fluoride. Fluoride is capable of remineralizing enamel crystals in order to strengthen this outer layer and keep cavities from forming.

How often should you brush?

According to dentists, individuals should brush their teeth twice a day or even after each meal. Most important of all is to brush before going to bed. This is crucial since your mouth will be idle for at least six hours while you are sleeping, enough for the bacteria inside your mouth to multiply rapidly and cause damage from early cavity formation to the development of early gum disease.

How should you brush?

According to dentists, it’s not the amount of force which you employ in brushing which determines the effectiveness of your brushing. On the other hand, it’s the stroke which you use to brush is what really determines how thorough you clean your teeth. The stroke which your dentist recommends that you use is an oscillating and rotating one, using gentle strokes. Having a very heavy hand means that you might irritate your gums leading to gingivitis without actually getting rid of plaque properly.

And do not forget to brush your tongue. Remember that bacteria also thrive on your tongue, especially in crevices. In fact, it’s the foul-smelling bacteria which live on your tongue which gives you more reason to brush that muscle if not use a tongue scraper.

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