dental filling Collierville TNOne of the most basic problems with regards to dental health is cavities. These microcraters which form on the surface of a person’s tooth can develop deep enough so that bacteria could make it all the way to the heart of the tooth, damaging the sensitive pulp tissues in the process. And because the pulp is where all of the nerve endings as well as blood vessels are housed in, expect that extensive dental cavity would lead to excruciating pain. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to treat cavities with the help of routine dental filling procedures.

Understanding Dental Filling Procedures

The same principle which is applied to composite bonding procedures is also the same one employed with dental filling treatments. Basically, a certain material is allowed to adhere to the surfaces of the cavity and then filled into the hole until the cavity is all leveled up with the rest of the healthy dental tissues. One very important part of the procedure is the choice of dental filling material. Since these materials have varying strengths, each type of tooth, depending on its location and function, will require a certain dental filling material.

Different Types of Dental Filling Materials


There are only two popular dental filling materials, amalgam and composite resin material, but its the former which is considered as the most durable of the two. Because of this property, amalgam is often used on the molars the reason being that molars receive a greater amount of the biting forces which means that they are susceptible to greater wear and tear compared to the rest of one’s teeth. However, because dental amalgam is a very conspicuous material, noting that it has a grayish color, it cannot be used on teeth that appear on the smile line. At the same time, there is concern with regards to the safety of using dental amalgam.

Composite Resin

If the tooth that requires the treatment is found along your smile line, this would remove dental amalgam from the list of dental filling materials that your dentist cam make use of. However, your dentist can turn to composite resin which has the same tooth-like color as your pearly whites, making it perfect for use in treating your teeth. The problem is that it lacks the durability that is inherent with amalgam. For this reason, expect that teeth treated with composite resin to last for a shorter period of time compared to amalgam treated teeth.

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