Dental Implants ColliervilleDental implants have always been associated with ways of replacing lost teeth. And usually, it is the one tooth dental implant that people think about when breaching the subject. However, there are actually a handful of other forms that dental implants can be useful for. Depending on your situation, such as the number of teeth which are missing from your smile, you may pick out the appropriate type of dental implant to have your smile fixed.

What are dental implants?

Before discussing the different types of dental implants, it is imperative to first talk about dental implants in general. Dental implants refer to the titanium rods which act as substitute dental roots. When it comes to planting crowns of teeth, the exposed portion of each tooth, the dental roots are extremely crucial parts. Dentures and dental bridges do not provide any dental root and rely on less than durable ways to secure the prosthetics into place.

Aside from the fact the titanium rod is drilled and secured into the empty dental socket, one other reason for why dental implants are extremely resilient is because of the process of osseointegration. The process of osseointegration is basically the fusing together of the metallic dental implant and the adjacent bone tissues together. The fusion solidifies the dental implant and keeps the titanium rod planted much firmly into place. Once the dental implant has finished the process of osseointegration, then a porcelain crown or even dentures can be attached to the implant, of which the former secures the latter.

What are the different forms of dental implants?

Dental implants can come in different forms such as those below:

One Tooth Dental Implant. This is the usual dental implant wherein a porcelain crown is placed over the dental implant. This then gives an appearance of a natural tooth being present when there otherwise would not have been any.

Dental Implant Supported Bridge. If you are missing two or more teeth in a row, then you can take advantage of bridges which are attached firmly to your jaw with the help of dental implants. Unlike how dental implants are traditionally attached to the adjacent teeth, substitute dental roots are used to support the bridge.

Denture Implants. Denture implants are basically dentures which are attached to your mouth with the help of dental implants. If you’ve found that almost all of your teeth have fallen off or are at risk of failing, then you can opt for dentures instead of having to get single tooth dental implants to replace each tooth.

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