dentist Collierville TNDr. Breazeal would often tell you to take care of your teeth. And while you would think that doing so involves brushing your teeth or flossing, you might have to take this piece of advice literally. Playing sports could make you susceptible to the facial injuries which could lead to dental trauma in the form of chips, cracks and even knocked out teeth. At the same time, certain dental conditions may mean that you could actually be ruining your teeth by yourself. For this reason, mouth guards, or mouth protectors, may be called for in order to cushion your teeth and keep them from getting damaged.

How do you know you have the right mouth guards?

Mouth guards, especially the ones prescribed by Dr. Breazeal, are custom-made. And depending on how your mouth guard is made, it’s important that they should satisfy the requirements as enumerated by your dentist. One criterion is that your mouth guard should fit snugly in your mouth and not keep on buckling as you eat or speak. At the same time, your mouth guard should enable you to breathe and speak properly especially since you could be wearing your mouth guard while you’re sleeping. Finally, your mouth guard should be easy to clean and be durable.

How can wearing of mouth guards benefit you while playing sports?

There is a very low chance of athletes that voluntarily want to wear mouth guards. This oral appliance is simply not what you would classify as cool. However, that does not mean you can ditch mouth protectors. Your mouth guard can not only protect you from chips and cracks, but also from more severe dental root and bone damage. The problem with if your dental roots are damaged is that the extraction of the affected teeth might be necessary. Jaw fractures as well as neck injuries can also be prevented with the help of mouth guards.

How can mouth guards help you with your teeth grinding?

When you go through teeth grinding episodes, expect that your teeth would slowly suffer from the friction which is continuously produced whenever you go through these episodes of grinding and gnashing your teeth. And while mouth guards won’t miraculously cure you of teeth grinding, it can serve as enough cushion to protect your pearly whites from the negative effects of constantly being exposed to friction.

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