You are what you eat they say, and sometimes your smile is what you drink. For this reason, you need to be more discerning with what you actually put inside your mouth. You may not think of it that much, but your choice of drinks could potentially ruin your grin. So it pays to know more about what you usually have to drink.


Are you one of those individuals who cannot wake up in the morning without a cup of java? If that is so, then you may need to pay extra attention to your smile. You may have already started to develop a yellowish grin. Coffee has naturally occurring dark pigments which can cause your teeth to stain. And while your teeth is hard and dense, the dental enamel actually contains microscopic pores which allow for the stain to be retained. To improve the quality of your smile, you can opt for a dental whitening treatment although the results of this procedure are not long-term.


There are two main components to soda — sugar and acids. Both these two components are disastrous to your teeth. To begin with, sugar is the main food source of oral bacteria. Not only would the bacteria inside your mouth multiply like crazy because of the increase in their food source, but the acid level inside your mouth will also begin to pile up. Acids are generated when oral bacteria utilize glucose as by-products of their metabolism. These acids then dissolve the enamel of your teeth and make it easier for cavities to form as well as teeth sensitivity to develop.

Energy Drinks

Being extremely active would mean that you drink a decent share of energy drinks. However if you are not careful with the energy drink that you chug, you may actually be drinking just a liquid form of sugar. As explained above, sugar leads to an excess in acids which can do some serious damage with your teeth. On the other hand, sugar can also exacerbate the population of bacteria which may have infected your gums. Majority of cases of teeth loss is caused by gum diseases such as those caused by oral bacteria.

The solution: You do not have to actually stop drinking these beverages for your smile to make a turn for the better, but you do need to limit your intake of such beverages as well as swish water around your mouth in order to cut the interaction of these drinks and your teeth.

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