Dental care is very essential for overall wellness; hence, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene and take regular dental checkups. However, there are people who experience fear and anxiety whenever they visit the dentist. These feelings can be caused by dental trauma in the past, incorrect notions, bad experiences, and many other factors. Whatever the cause is, fear and anxiety should not stop you from receiving dental treatments when necessary. Healthy teeth and gums contribute to a healthy body. The dentist is, therefore, your best partner in caring for the teeth. Here are some helpful tips on how you can overcome fear:

• Find an excellent, caring dentist whom you can share your feelings about fear and dental anxiety. You should be comfortable with the dentist and be able to discuss with him what your fears are. This initial consultation should be focused about oral care, your needs, and the various dental treatments available to you.

• Ask support from friends and family. You can ask one of these people to accompany you during dental checkups, as well as stay with you for lengthy dental treatments. Having someone with you makes you feel more secure and confident than when dealing with your anxiety problem on your own.

• Consider taking advantage of sedation dentistry offered by your dentist. The dentist may administer nitrous oxide or laughing gas, so you are in a euphoric, relaxed state during your dentist appointment. The dentist may also prescribe a sedative drug that you will need to take orally prior to your appointment. This sedation dentistry method is called oral sedation and puts you in a deep state of relaxation while remaining conscious all throughout the procedure. Discuss sedation dentistry with your trusted dentist as this is a great way to address your anxiety issues.

• Choose a dental practice that uses state of the art machines because technology greatly helps in precision, convenience, and flawless dental work. Dental anxiety usually springs out from fear of pain or fear of the unknown, so it helps to know that your dentist uses modern technology that lessens pain and maximizes accuracy and patient satisfaction.

• Acknowledge that you have fear and anxiety with the dentist and look for ways to conquer your fear. You alone can help yourself sometimes in dealing with problems of the mind. Think what types of situations trigger your anxiety. Finding the cause of the problem often leads to a good solution.

Sedation Dentistry Helps Conquer Dental Anxiety

Knowing that you are afraid of the dentist doesn’t mean that you should forego seeing the dentist all your life. Find a good dentist whom you can trust, commit yourself to addressing your fear with the help of your loved ones, and avail of dental services like sedation dentistry to ease your anxiety. With sedation dentistry, fear takes a back seat for a while, so you can take the necessary dental treatments for a healthy, beautiful smile.


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