Cosmetic Dentistry in Collierville TNIt’s the last month of the year – the month when people celebrate the end and the dawn of new beginnings. Before the year ends, take the time to visit your dentist. Now is a great time to get cosmetic dentistry treatments, so you’ll welcome the year with a bright, new, confident smile! You’ll be off to a great start as you greet 2014 with a beautiful, new you.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Are Right for Me?

We, your dental experts at Max Dental Care, will help you decide which cosmetic dentistry treatments are a good fit for you. Dr. Max Breazeal, with the help of our competent team, will assess the condition of your teeth and gums, before recommending any form of treatment. You will need to have an initial consultation, which may involve a comprehensive exam and deep cleaning. An x-ray may also be recommended so the dentist can get a clear view of your teeth and their underlying roots and tissues. After this thorough evaluation, Dr. Breazeal will discuss his recommendations with you and talk with you about your needs and goals. You will then decide together the cosmetic dentistry treatments that suit you best.

What are My Choices?

There’s a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that you can avail yourself of. For stained and discolored teeth, you can have teeth whitening to brighten natural tooth enamel. For missing teeth, there are dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures. You may also get porcelain veneers to address various tooth imperfections. Veneers are wafer-thin, tooth colored shells bonded on the visible side of your teeth. Whatever cosmetic flaws you may have with your teeth, we have the perfect solutions available. Click here to view a list of our cosmetic dentistry services.

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

While aesthetics is the main focus of cosmetic dentistry, it also aims to help you gain the confidence to smile and interact with people. It gives you a great looking smile that you will be proud to show off to your friends and colleagues.

Cosmetic dentistry also promotes the health of your teeth, most especially when a lost tooth is replaced with dental prosthesis. The space created by missing teeth makes you prone to decay and gum disease; hence, cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental implants and bridges do more than just provide you with cosmetic enhancement.

Cosmetic dentistry may seem to be superficial, but it addresses a lot of things. You gain the confidence to improve yourself and maximize your true potential. Cosmetic dentistry makes it easy to make a smile your most beautiful accessory.

Find Out What Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments are Right for You

Don’t let your smile makeover wait any longer. Before 2013 comes to a close, visit the Max Dental Care in Collierville, TN, and be treated to a wide range of quality cosmetic dentistry services. Partner with us today and start enjoying the benefits of having perfect, gleaming white teeth. Contact us through this website or give us a call at (901) 861-0031.

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