Cosmetic Dentist Collierville TNHave you noticed how easy it is to make babies smile? This is because smiling is a natural human response to a good emotion. Babies do not care how their smile appears, or how they look when they giggle and laugh. Even if they have few or no teeth, babies often smile widely and elicit favorable responses from their loves ones.

As babies grow into adults, the smile becomes different as it is affected by various factors: self confidence, self esteem, cosmetic flaws of the teeth, and many more. The once wide smile becomes limited. Some people smile by merely curving the lips, without revealing the teeth. There are also people who cover their mouths when they laugh. All of these unnatural responses can be attributed to unattractive teeth, missing teeth, or teeth with cosmetic flaws.

Now teeth imperfections of any kind can be addressed by cosmetic dentistry. A simple visit to the dentist no longer means taking a tooth extraction or having a filling, as the dentist can design and plan a smile makeover. Cosmetic flaws of the teeth such as chips, cracks, discoloration, and misalignment can be fixed. The dentist takes into account the needs and goals of the patient, as well as the entire symmetry of the jaw and face.

While cosmetic dentistry enhances the appearance of a smile, it also seeks to address underlying issues such as self confidence and self esteem. Here are the hidden perks of taking cosmetic dentistry procedures.

• Social – People with beautiful smiles have more confidence than before; thus, they no longer shy away from social events. They participate in social functions more than they used to, gaining lots of friends and acquaintances. While this is a case to case basis, people who experienced beautiful smile transformations often have improved social lives.

• Career – A beautiful smile leads to more career options than when cosmetic flaws were present. Companies often hire people whose smiles look good. These companies include airline companies, hotels, casinos, advertising agencies, restaurants, banks, and many more.

• Personal – A beautiful smile also brings out a person’s self confidence and self esteem. Studies had shown that people who had cosmetic dentistry procedures become happier with their lives than when cosmetic treatments were not taken. This often translates to improved personal relationships with friends and family.

Smile, it looks good on you!

A smile generates a lot of good emotions such as the feelings of love and happiness. Consider smiling to people you meet randomly on the street and notice their reactions. Some of them may smile back to return your positive emotion. You can even meet new friends as you do this. Make smiling a constant habit. It doesn’t only look good on you, but it generates positivity.


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