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Your dental health should be your top priority. Oftentimes, though, people put off going to the dentist for whatever reason. It could be simply because of fear or anxiety, or because the budget is tight-until they have a toothache or some other dental emergency. This is not exactly a good oral care practice. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly are not enough to achieve and maintain great oral health. To prevent tartar build-up and tooth decay, you must have regular dental cleanings and checkups. .

Our Collierville dentist at The Max Dental Center, Dr. Max Breazeal, has the professional qualifications and experience to provide patients with the kind of expert dental care that earns trust. As a long time dentist, he believes that good oral care habits, education, and consistent dental checkups are the keys to great dental and oral health. Dental problems should never be ignored, because they are not only potentially painful and can damage your oral health, there are some dental health problems which are implicated in damaging your overall well-being. Stroke, heart disease, and low birth weight babies all share one risk factor:periodontal disease. We, at The Max Dental Center, consider dental disease prevention a crucial element of your overall dental health.

Dr. Breazeal delivers minimally intrusive, expert service to his patients. Dr. Breazeal takes a professional interest in the oral health status of his patients-his reputation depends on having healthy, satisfied patients. The first thing you can expect when you visit him for the first time is to receive a thorough and extensive oral examination. This is necessary for Dr. Breazeal to determine the overall state of your dental and oral health, as well as identifying what, if any, issues might need to be addressed. It is important for your dentist to get an overview of your overall dentition in order to provide the best, most personalized treatment possible.

The Max Dental Center is a relaxing and comfortable environment that will put you at ease during your dental visits. If there is anything that we can do to help make your visit more comfortable, please let us know. We provide great customer service to our patients and work as a team to provide you the services that you need. We guarantee excellent patient care. With Dr. Breazeal and staff, you’re in good hands.

Our goal has always been to deliver the highest quality care to every patient we see. We feel that an well-informed patient is best equipped to make good decisions regarding dental care. With this in mind, we make sure that our patients are educated about their treatment options and other oral health issues. To this effect, we make it a point to talk to you about proper oral health care and maintenance, as well as any procedures we may be proposing for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about your care, it’s what we’re here for!

Continuing education is equally important for us, as dental care professionals. We keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest dental trends and techniques so that our patients will receive only quality care: either in the form of tried and tested treatments or new breakthroughs that give you more options than ever before. Our office provides a wide variety of dental services for our patients, from basic to cosmetic dentistry. Collierville dentist Dr. Breazeal ensures that you will have many treatment options available to you.

We are proud to provide high quality dental care to our patients in the Collierville and surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you with any questions you may have.

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Dr. Max Breazeal and Staff

Dr. Balestrino will be joining us beginning July 10th!